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endearing creature she was. She and her three fair girls, all so busy about me. I was to take hot soup and broiled fowl, while Mr. Bucket dried hi original ray ban aviator mself and dined elsewhere; but I could not do it when a snug round table was presently spread by the fireside, though I was very unwilling to disappoint them. However, I could take some toast and some hot negus, and as I really enjoyed that refreshment, it made some recompense. Punctual to the time, at the half-hours end the carriage came rumbling under the gateway, and they took me down, warmed, refreshed, comforted by kindness, and safe I assured them not to faint any more. After I had got in and had taken a grateful leave of original ray ban aviator them all, the youngest daughtera blooming girl of nineteen, who was to be the first married, they had told megot upon

accompanied me beforemy guardian was not there. We waited half an hour, walking up and down, but there were no signs of him. We agreed that he was either prevented from coming or that he had come and gone away, and Mr. Woodcourt proposed to walk home with me. It was the first walk we had ever taken together, except that very short one to the usual place of meeting. We spoke of Richard and Ada the whole way. I did not thank him in words for what he had donemy appreciation of it had risen above all words thenbut I hoped he might not be without so original ray ban aviator me understanding of what I felt so strongly. Arriving at home and going upstairs, we found that my guardian was out and that Mrs. Woodcourt was out too. We were in the very same room into which I had brought my original ray ban aviator blushing girl when her youthful lover,

Babel, come to trade at Marseilles, sought the shade aliketaking refuge in any hiding-place from a sea too intensely blue to be looked at, and a sky of purple, set with one great flaming jewel of fire. The universal stare made the eyes ache. Towards the distant line of Italian coast, indeed, it was a little relieved by light clouds of mist, slowly rising from the evaporation of the sea, but it softened nowhere else. Far away the staring roads, deep in dust, stared from the hil original ray ban aviator l-side, stared from the hollow, stared from the interminable plain. Far away the dusty vines overhanging wayside cottages, and the monotonous wayside avenues of parched trees without shade, drooped beneath the stare of earth and sky. So original ray ban aviator did the horses with drowsy bells, in long files of carts, creeping slowly towards

cabinet. By a swift and sudden action of her foot, she drove her wheeled chair rapidly back to it and pulled it violentlystill holding her arm u original ray ban aviator p in its shield-like posture, as if he were striking at her, and she warding off the blow. A girl came hurrying in, frightened. original ray ban aviator ‘Send Flintwinch here! In a moment the girl had withdrawn, and the old man stood within the door. ‘What! Youre hammer and tongs, already, you two? he said, coolly stroking his face. ‘I thought you would be. I was pretty sure of it. ‘Flintwinch! said the mother, ‘look at my son. Look at him! ‘Well, I am looking at him, said Flintwinch. She stretched out the arm with which she had shielded herself, and as she went on, pointed at the object of her anger. ‘In the very hour of his return almostbefore the shoe upon his

She hurriedly declined, saying that wet or dry made little difference to her; she was used to go about in all weathers. He knew it to be so, and was touched with more pity; thinking of the slight figure at his side, making its nightly way through the damp dark boisterous streets to such a place o original ray ban aviator f rest. ‘You spoke so feelingly to me last night, sir, and I found afterwards that you had been so generous to my father, that I could not resist your message, if it was only original ray ban aviator to thank you; especially as I wished very much to say to you she hesitated and trembled, and tears rose in her eyes, but did not fall. ‘To say to me? ‘That I hope you will not misunderstand my father. Dont judge him, sir, as you would judge others outside the gates. He has been there so long! I never saw him outside, but I

still occasionally spoken of by some irreverent spirits who had had dealings with him, and in whom familiarity had bred its proverbial result perhaps, who was reputed to be rich in weekly tenants, and to get a good quantity of blood out of the stones of several unpromis original ray ban aviator ing courts and alleys. After some days of inquiry and research, Arthur Clennam became convinced that the case of the Father of the Marshalsea was indeed a hopeless one, and sorrowfully resigned the idea of helping him to freedom again. He had no hopeful inquiry to make at present, concerning Little Dorrit either; but he argued with himself that it mightfor anything he kn original ray ban aviator ewit might be serviceable to the poor child, if he renewed this acquaintance. It is hardly necessary to add that beyond all doubt he would have presented

British Order of Mer original ray ban aviator it, the Order of the Disorder of the Barnacles and Stiltstalkings. ‘it is much to be regretted, said Clennam, ‘that you ever turned your thoughts that way, Mr Doyce. ‘True, sir, true to a certain extent. But what is a man to do? if he has the misfortune to strike out something serviceable to the nation, he must follow where it leads him. ‘Hadnt he better let it go? said Clennam. ‘He cant do it, said Doyce, shaking his head with a thoughtful smile. ‘Its not put into his head to be buried. Its put into his head to be made useful. You hold your life on the condition that to the last you shall struggle hard for it. Every man holds a discovery on the same original ray ban aviator terms. ‘That is to say, said Arthur, with a growing admiration of his quiet companion, ‘you are not finally

snuff offered over the rails, and he had always responded to this attention with a momentary waking up of manner that had the pale phantom of a gentleman in it: beyond this he never, on any occasion, had any other part in what was going on than the part written out for the clarionet; in private life, where there was no part for the clarionet, he had no part at all. Some said he was poor, some said he was a wealthy miser; but he said nothing, never lifted up his bowed head, never varied his shuf original ray ban aviator fling gait by getting his springless foot from the ground. Though expecting now to be summoned by his niece, he did not hear her until she had spoken to him three or four times; nor was he at all surprised by the presence of original ray ban aviator two nieces instead of one, but merely said in his tremulous voice, ‘I am