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turned down it, and as we went shuffling through the sleet, I heard the clocks strike half-past five. We passed on in silence and as quickly as we could with such a foot-hold, when some one coming towards us on the narrow pavement, wrapped in a cloak, stopped and stood aside to give me room. In the same moment I heard an exclamation of wonder and my own name from Mr. Woodcourt. I knew his voice very well. It was so unexpected and soI dont know what to call it, whether pleasant or painfulto come upon it after my feverish wandering journey, and in the midst of the night, that I could not keep back the tears from my eyes. It was like hearing his voice in a stran ray ban 3212 ge country. My dear Miss Summerson, t ray ban 3212 hat you should be out at this hour, and in such weather! He had heard from my guardian of my

it up, as appearing to be the most harmless in my possession, without being previously shot through the heart. I further take the liberty to mention that if I could have supposed a certain unfortunate gentleman to have been in existence, I never ray ban 3212 could and never would have rested until I had discovered his retreat and shared my last farthing with him, as my duty and my inclination would have equally been. But he was officially reported drowned, and assuredly went over the side of a transport-ship at night in an Irish harbour within a few hours of her arrival from the West Indies, as I have myself heard both from officers and men on board, and know to have been officially confirmed. I further take the liberty to state that in my humble quality as one of the ra ray ban 3212 nk and file, I am, and shall

Sphinxes, and the Desert, and all the rest of it; and this is how Tattycoram will be a greater traveller in course of time than Captain Cook. ‘I thank you, said the other, ‘very heartily for your confidence. ‘Dont mention it, returned Mr Meagles; ‘I am sure you are quite welcome. And now, Mr Clennam, perhaps I may ask you whether you have yet come to a decision where to go next? ‘Indeed, no. I am such a waif and stray everywhere, that I am liable to be drifted where any current may set. ‘Its extraordinary to meif youll excuse my freedom in saying sothat you dont go straight to London, said Mr Meagles in the tone of a confidential adviser. ‘Perhaps I shall. ‘Ay! But ray ban 3212 I mean with a will. ‘I have no will. That is to say,he coloured a little,‘next to none that I can put i ray ban 3212 n action now.

from the top of his stool with exceeding gentleness. Witnessing these things, the collegians would ray ban 3212 express an opinion that the turnkey, who was a bachelor, had been cut out by nature for a family man. But the turnkey thanked them, and said, ‘No, on the whole it was enough to see other peoples children there. At what period of her early life the little creature began to perceive that it was not the habit of all the world to live locked up in narrow yards surrounded by hi ray ban 3212 gh walls with spikes at the top, would be a difficult question to settle. But she was a very, very little creature indeed, when she had somehow gained the knowledge that her clasp of her fathers hand was to be always loosened at the door which the great key opened; and that while her own light steps were free to pass beyond

wherein another gentleman, number four, was the active instrument. ‘I want to know said Arthur Clennam, and again stated his case in the same barrel-organ way. As number one referred him to number two, and as number two referred him to number three, he had occasion to state it three times before they all referred him to number four, to whom he stated it again. Number four was a vivacious, well-looking, well-dressed, agreeable young fellowhe was a Barnacle, but on the more sprightly side of the familyand he said in an easy way, ray ban 3212 ‘Oh! you had better not bother yourself about it, I think. ‘Not bother myself about ray ban 3212 it? ‘No! I recommend you not to bother yourself about it. This was such a new point of view that Arthur Clennam found himself at a loss how to receive it. ‘You can if you like. I

th ray ban 3212 e crowd, and a m ray ban 3212 uddy bundle carried by one man, and a muddy hat carried by another, informed him that an accident had occurred. The litter stopped under a lamp before it had passed him half-a-dozen paces, for some readjustment of the burden; and, the crowd stopping too, he found himself in the midst of the array. ‘An accident going to the Hospital? he asked an old man beside him, who stood shaking his head, inviting conversation. ‘Yes, said the man, ‘along of them Mails. They ought to be prosecuted and fined, them Mails. They come a racing out of Lad Lane and Wood Street at twelve or fourteen mile a hour, them Mails do. The only wonder is, that people aint killed oftener by them Mails. ‘This person is not killed, I hope? ‘I dont know! said the man, ‘it ant for the want of a will in

was under a pressing and continual necessity of looking at that gentleman, which oc ray ban 3212 casioned his eye- ray ban 3212 glass to get into his soup, into his wine-glass, into Mrs Meagless plate, to hang down his back like a bell-rope, and be several times disgracefully restored to his bosom by one of the dingy men. Weakened in mind by his frequent losses of this instrument, and its determination not to stick in his eye, and more and more enfeebled in intellect every time he looked at the mysterious Clennam, he applied spoons to his eyes, forks, and other foreign matters connected with the furniture of the dinner-table. His discovery of these mistakes greatly increased his difficulties, but never released him from the necessity of looking at Clennam. And whenever Clennam spoke, this ill-starred young man was

gentlemanly feeling. An impression of disappointment, occasioned by the discovery that Mr Clennam scarcely possessed that delicacy for which, in the confidence of his nature, he had been inclined to give him credit, began to darken the fatherly mind in connection with that gentleman. The father went so far as to say, in his private family circle, that he feared Mr Clennam was not a man of high instincts. He was happy, he observed, in his public capacity as leader and representative of the College, to receive Mr Clenn ray ban 3212 am when he called to pay his respects; but he didnt find that he got on with him personally. There appeared to be something he didnt know what it was wanting in him. Howbeit, the father did not ray ban 3212 fail in any outward show of politeness, but, on the contrary, honoured him with much