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if we had had some other inmate, but I could hardly have explained why even to myself. Or, if to myself, certainly not to anybody else. You see, said my guardian, our neighbourhood is in Woodcourts way, and he can come here to see her as often as he likes, which is agreeable to them both rb4147 ray ban ; and she is familiar to us and fond of you. Yes. That was undeniable. I had nothing to say against it. I could not have suggested a better arrangement, but I was not quite easy in my mind. Esther, Esther, why not? Esther, think! It is a very good plan indeed, dear guardian, and we could not do better. Sure, little woman? Quite sure. I had had a moments time to think, since I had urged that duty on myself, and I was quite sure. Good, said my guardian. It sh rb4147 ray ban all be done. Carried unanimously. Carried

night when she brought me the flowers, and was so determine rb4147 ray ban d to squeeze my face bonnet and all between her hands, and go on in a wild manner altogether, calling me all kinds rb4147 ray ban of precious names, and telling Allan I had done I dont know what for her, that I was just obliged to get into the little carriage and calm her down by letting her say and do exactly what she liked. Allan, standing at the window, was as pleased as Caddy; and I was as pleased as either of them; and I wonder that I got away as I did, rather than that I came off laughing, and red, and anything but tidy, and looking after Caddy, who looked after us out of the coach-window as long as she could see us. This made us some quarter of an hour late, and when we came to Westminster Hall we found that the days business was begun.

here. You wont find the room changed. He took another candle from a cupboard, lighted it, left the first on the table, and went upon his errand. He was a short, bald old man, in a high-shouldered black coat and waistcoat, drab breeches, and long drab gaiters. He might, from his dress, have been either clerk or servant, and in fact had long been both. There was nothing about him in the way of decor rb4147 ray ban ation but a watch, which was lowered int rb4147 ray ban o the depths of its proper pocket by an old black ribbon, and had a tarnished copper key moored above it, to show where it was sunk. His head was awry, and he had a one-sided, crab-like way with him, as if his foundations had yielded at about the same time as those of the house, and he ought to have been propped up in a similar manner. ‘How weak am I, said

of which a key was turned, and a strong door was opened from within. It admitted them into a lodge or lobby, across which they passed, and so through another door and a grating into the prison. The old man always plodding on before, turned round, in his slow, stiff, stooping rb4147 ray ban manner, when they came to the turn rb4147 ray ban key on duty, as if to present his companion. The turnkey nodded; and the companion passed in without being asked whom he wanted. The night was dark; and the prison lamps in the yard, and the candles in the prison windows faintly shining behind many sorts of wry old curtain and blind, had not the air of making it lighter. A few people loitered about, but the greater part of the population was within doors. The old man, taking the right-hand side of the yard, turned in at the third or

are such people. And I do not doubt that this manwhatever they call him, I forget his nameis one of them. The landladys lively speech was received with greater favour at the Break of Day, than it would have elicited from certain amiable white-washers of the class she so unreasonably objected to, rb4147 ray ban nearer Great Britain. ‘My faith! If your philosophical philanthropy, said the landlady, putting down her work, and rising to take the strangers soup from her husband, who appeared with it at a side door, ‘puts anybody at the mercy of such people by holding terms with them at all, in words or deeds, or both, take it away from the Break of Day, for it isnt worth a sou. As she placed the soup before the guest, who changed his attitude to a sitting one, he looke rb4147 ray ban d her full in the face, and his

But, said Little Dorrit, when they stopped at a poor dwelling all in darkness, and heard no sound on listening at the door, ‘Now, this is a good lodging for you, Maggy, and we must not give offence. Consequently, we will only knock twice, and not very loud; and if we cannot wake them so, we m rb4147 ray ban ust walk about till day. Once, Little Dorrit knocked rb4147 ray ban with a careful hand, and listened. Twice, Little Dorrit knocked with a careful hand, and listened. All was close and still. ‘Maggy, we must do the best we can, my dear. We must be patient, and wait for day. It was a chill dark night, with a damp wind blowing, when they came out into the leading street again, and heard the clocks strike half-past one. ‘In only five hours and a half, said Little Dorrit, ‘we shall be able to go home. To speak of

the Marshalsea in two or three Relations The brothers William and Frederick Dorrit, walking up and down the College-yardof course on the aristocratic or Pump side, for the Father made it a point of his state to be chary of going among his children on the Poor side, except on Sunday mornings, Christmas Days, and other occasions of ceremony, in the observance whereof he was very punctual, and at which times he laid his hand upon the heads of their infants, and blessed those young Insolvents with a benignity that was highly e rb4147 ray ban dify-ingthe brothers, walking up and down the College-yard together, were a memorable sight. Frederick the free, was so humbled, bowed, withered, and faded; William the bond, was so courtly, condescending, and benevolently conscious of a position rb4147 ray ban ; that in this regard only,

clinks and thumps. The patient figures at work were swarthy with the filings of iron and steel that danced on every bench and bubbled up through every chink in the planking. The workshop was arrived at by a step-ladder from the outer yard below, where it served as a shelter for the large grindstone where tools were sharpened. The rb4147 ray ban whole had at once a fanciful and practical air in Clennams eyes, which was a welcome change; and, as often as he raised them from his first work of getting the array of business documents into perfect order, he glanced at these things with a feeling of pleasure in his pursuit that was new to him. Raising his eyes thus one day, he was surprised to see a bonnet la rb4147 ray ban bouring up the step-ladder. The unusual apparition was followed by another bonnet. He then perceived