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USB Adapter for PCMCIA CardBus Wireless Modem Card (3G Cellular PC Cards)
PC running Windows


PCMCIA Memory Card Adapter

for desktop & laptop computers


Warning!  Not all 3G cellular modem PC cards are supported by U132.  Please check the U132 Supported Cards List before you purchase it.

Part Number Price (US$)
U132 N/A
Availability: out of stock

For desktop and laptop users, we have PCI Bus interface PCMCIA adapters and PCI Express interface ExpressCard adapters that are more economical and much easier to operate 3G wireless PC cards for broadband internet access. In addition, the PCI based PCMCIA card readers support all types of PCMCIA cards and the PCI Express based ExpressCard readers support all types of Express Cards (both 34 mm and 54 mm form factor)!  Please click here to check the low prices!

[For other card reader/writer models, please visit Card Reader & Price List]

U132 is ideal for customers who live in an area without wired high speed broadband internet access and whose desktop or laptop computer does not have a PCMCIA CardBus slot.

With this USB PCMCIA card reader, you can connect a 32 bit CardBus cellular modem wireless PC card to a desktop or laptop via a USB port and enjoy the high speed mobile broadband connection for internet access, even at outdoors and in remote areas !

This product works with Microsoft Windows 2000 /XP operating systems. It dose NOT work for Mac.

 (1) Not all 3G cellular modem PC cards are supported by Elan U132. Only some of 32-bit CardBus wireless modem cards are supported. [32-bit cards can be distinguished by a gold stripe on the end that is inserted into the PC card slot
.] Please check the U132 Supported Cards List before you purchase it. This product will not work if your cellular modem card is not listed as the supported wireless card.
 (2) Other types of PCMCIA cards are NOT supported by Elan U132.

[For the complete list of PCMCIA card reader/writer models, please visit Reader & Price List]


  • Supplied with software driver for Windows 2000 and XP

  • PCMCIA PC Card Version 2.1/JEIDA 4.1 Compliant

  • Up to 1.5 MB/sec Transfer Rate

  • CE approved

  • Supports a select number of 3G cellular (CDMA, UMTS, EDGE and HSDPA) Cardbus wireless PC cards

  • Supported wireless modem cards: U132 Supported Cards List

  • Other PCMCIA cards, including Wireless LAN (802.11), memory card, .. etc., are NOT supported.

System Requirements
  • Windows 2000 and XP

  • System with USB 1.1 or later

  • USB host port must provide specification standard of 5V @ 500mA [note]

Electrical Characteristics
  • Operational Voltage: DC +5 Volts direct from USB

  • 5V at 400mA typ. with fault protection for PC Cards

  • 3.3V at 400mA typ. with fault protection for PC Cards

  • Optional external power supply for high current cards available (normally not required)

Cards Supported In U132

The following list is subject to change
If your wireless PC card is not in this list, please click here for other options.
Model Operator *
Audiovox / Sierra PC5220 (CDMA / EVDO) Cingular, USA
Verizon, USA
Novatel Wireless Merlin S620 ** (CDMA / EVDO) Sprint, USA
Novatel Wireless Merlin V620 (CDMA / EVDO) Verizon, USA
Midwest Wireless, USA
Hamilton Telecom, USA
Novatel Wireless Merlin U730 (HSDPA / UMTS / EDGE) Cingular Wireless, USA
Sierra Wireless Aircard 580 (CDMA / EVDO) ACS, USA
Fiberlink, USA
iPass, USA
SK Earthlink, USA
Sprint, USA

* Operators Not Listed :
Most cards are badged (labeled) by an operator. The list above is not a comprehensive list of all operators supplying supported cards; if you have one of the listed wireless card models but have purchased it from a different operator, it should work without problem in the U132. [Re-branded cards usually state the manufacturer's name and model number on the reverse label.]

** Sprint S620 Wireless PC Card in U132 Adapter:
The Sprint network requires each wireless PC card to be configured before it can connect to the network. Normally the Connection Manager software automatically carries out this configuration process, but because the Connection Manager software does not recognize the Merlin S620 card in the U132 adapter it cannot be done in this way.

This means that a brand new S620 card will not be able to connect to the Sprint network via the U132 adapter. In some cases, the whole system will crash waiting for the card to make a connection to the network.

To use the S620 card in this U132 adapter, you must first either configure it yourself (using the Connection Manager software in another computer which has a PCMCIA CardBus slot to take the S620 card) or ask your Sprint dealer to do it for you. If you have been previously using your S620 card in another computer, it's already configured and you don't have to worry about this step.

Part Number Price (US$)
U132 N/A

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